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  8 days/7 nights The Castles Tour specializes in all-inclusive small-group tours – featuring inside visits at the most impressive ancient architectural masterpieces like fairy castles, monasteries, grand palaces and stable fortresses of Ukraine. Chernivtsi is city with unique architecture, rich cultural heritage that is fairly called the pearl of architecture. The historical building system is complete, almost untouched ensemble of the XIX – XX centuries. It is famous for its Viennese architecture that originated during the prosperity of Austro-Hungarian Empire of Habsburgs, a part of which the city was for almost 150 years. The Regional Museum of Folk Architecture and Life is located in the outskirts of Chernivtsi city. The life and mode of the ancient village are recreated on the territory of the museum. It reflects Bukovynian settlements of the XIX- first half XX centuries and specific features of this area, such as wind mills, a tavern, a country farriery, a small house and a yard of a poor peasant, a yard of a rich peasant, a well sweep, a church with a bell tower. Kamianets-Podilskyi is called the city of seven cultures and nationalities because of its incredible architecture. The old city is truly a unique place situated on the high rocky banks canyon, formed of the Smotrych River. In the past, this canyon was a defensive shield of Kamianets because it surrounded the Old City and its height is about 40 meters, and its width is about 180 meters. Kamianets-Podilskyi Castle is a part of National Historical and Architectural Reserve “Kamianets” that is recognized as one of the Seven Wonders of Ukraine. This complex consists of 12 towers, each of them has its name and story, and a castle bridge. In the vaults of the Castle complex there is a reconstructed panorama of the castle defense of 1672, during the Turkish invasions. Also, there is an exposition dedicated to the history of throwing weapons in Podillya Region. Khotyn is a city, situated on the right bank of the Dnister River. It is an ancient city of two worlds – Christian and Muslim; the place of many great historical battles.  Plenty of princes and empires fought for the fortress and plenty of warriors perished near it walls.  Nowadays, every year a great festival “Mediaeval Khotyn” is held in this fortress. Lviv is an old city, a place of history and museums. It is also considered to be the capital of Galicia and the centre of Western Ukraine. The historical part of Lviv is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Here is the biggest amount of architectural monuments in Ukraine. The city of Lviv is named after Prince Leo I of Galicia, son of the Lviv founder King Daniel of Galicia. The city has never changed its name.
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5-Days excursions in the Carpathian Mountains. You have a wonderful opportunity to enjoy your vacation in the Carpathians and see the local waterfalls. You will see incredible views, taste the most delicious cuisine - Ukrainian!    Day 1 Departure from Ivano-Frankivsk at 9:00.   At first, we are going to Maniava - a small village in Bogorodchany district. Today the village is known for the most prominent place - the Manyava Skete of the 16th century, whose founder is the monk Yob Knyaginitsky, who comes from Athos. 380 meters from the monastery there is a Blessed stone with a healing spring, and above it is Maniava waterfall (the height of the fall of the water is 16 meters, the highest waterfall Gorgan).  A trip to Yaremche - a well-known tourist center. An excursion to the waterfall Maiden Tears.  The waterfall "Maiden tears" - a unique travertine waterfall, the basis of which is moss, which grew hundreds of years, died, stones and caused the emergence of subsequent generations of the same moss. Lunch  Free time Dinner Overnight in the hotel Day 2 Breakfast A trip to the waterfalls  Probiy and Kaplyvets. The waterfall Probiy is one of the few Carpathian waterfalls, to which it is not necessary to go far: it is located in the heart of the city of Yaremche. The waterfall Kaplyvets is not well-known among tourists. Cascade Waterfall The Chapel is located on the Pyshnyi flow - the right tributary of the Prut.  But it is proposed for a thin "voice" - an important talent received! Water in it quietly streams, crossing the rock massif of fly-type. Lunch Free time Dinner Overnight in the hotel Day 3 Breakfast Free time A trip to the village Tatariv. Visit the waterfall Zhenetskyi Huk. The height of the waterfall Zhenetskyi Huk is 15 meters (49 ft). Local residents named the waterfall Huk because of the noise that is heard from him. Lunch Free time.  Dinner Overnight in the hotel Day 4 Breakfast Free time A trip to the village Dzembronya. Visiting the Dzembronsky waterfalls. The waterfalls take their origin from the Dzembron river. The cascade of waterfalls formed here thousands of years ago as a result of shrinking rocks. Lunch in the village Free time A farewell party. We will arrange a traditional Ukrainian dinner. You could  taste our best tradition dishes. Overnigth in the hotel  Day 5 Breakfast Free time Departure to Ivano-Frankivsk at 12:00.   An optional excursion of the city Ivano-Frankivsk The price includes: Pick-up from Ivano-Frankivsk Escort of company̕s representative Transfer  Meal (FB)
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Trip Duration: 1 day   Get a rush of adrenaline during the rafting along the main rifts of a mountain river! A professional guide will help you with all the necessary equipment and provide an accident prevention instruction before involving you in this unforgettable activity. This trip is an incredible opportunity to see the amazing Carpathian beauty, try out an extreme mountain kind of sport, and learn how to row. We offer full-day rafting tour adventure along Cheremosh or Dnister rivers.  You can order rafting every day, from April  till September .   You will have: Meeting of tourists with a representative of the company «Aven - Tour» Comfortable transfer Rafting (2 hours)  Ukrainian traditional lunch Photoshoot The price includes: Pick-up from Ivano-Frankivsk Escort of company̕s representative Transfer in either direction Lunch The trip lasts 8-9 hours (can be arranged overnight)  
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Vorokhta is fairly the most popular mountain resort in the Carpathian Mountains and it is included in the Carpathian National Natural Park. Vorokhta is located both in the lowland and on the mountain slopes. The line Rebrovach, which is covered with the spruce wood, separates the area on the east side from Tatariv (village). You will have: Meeting of tourists with a representative of the company «Aven - Tour» Comfortable transporation Visiting 100-year-old viaduct Trip to the Nesamovyte Lake Zip – line in Vorothta Climbing the Kukul Mountain The price includes: Pick-up from Ivano-Frankivsk Escort of company̕s representative Transfer in either direction Lunch The trip lasts 8-9 hours
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Banosh is a dish prepared from cornmeal with added śmietana, topped with pork rind, mushrooms and bryndza. The dish is popular in the Carpathian region of westerm Ukraine. Banosh is one of the most popular Hutsul dishes in Ukraine. By tradition men usually cooked it in the open air. Banosh is considered to be one of the variants of mamaliga.The tastiest banosh cook in Carpathians. Historically the main components of banosh were sour cream and brynza.   We invite you to visit the Carpathians, to taste our Ukrainian cuisine, traditional drinks and have  Master classes from the best  chief cook of Hululshchyna. For our dishes we use only eco-products, that have been grown on Ukrainian farms. Master class lasts for 3 hours and is located in the picturesque place of Carpathians in Delatyn. During this workshop, you will have: Private cooking class Live guide:  English, German,Ukrainian, Russian Receive step by step instructions on making Ukrainian banosh  Become an expert in Ukrainian cuisine and acquire new culinary skills  
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Two- days excursion to the waterfalls Probiy and Maniava.  Visit a very beautiful city in the Carpathians - Yaremche.  You can taste Ukrainian traditional food, enjoy the beautiful view of the Carpathians. You have the opportunity to stay in an incredible hotel, to explore Ukrainian culture. Departure from Ivano-Frankivsk at 9:00.  At first, we are going to Maniava - a small village in Bogorodchany district. Today the village is known for the most prominent place - the Manyava Skete of the 16th century, whose founder is the monk Yob Knyaginitsky, who comes from Athos. 380 meters from the monastery there is a Blessed stone with a healing spring, and above it is Maniava waterfall (the height of the fall of the water is 16 meters, the highest waterfall Gorgan). Then we have a trip to Yaremche. This is a well-known tourist center: the city, which is located on the rocky shore of the fast-moving river Prut, will allow you to plunge into the world of the picturesque nature of the Carpathians and Hutsul color. Here is the fabulous waterfall " Probiy". We will arrange a lunch in the best Ukrainian traditions! You will taste our best dishes. In the evening, we will come back to Yaremche, where is our hotel. Morning, after breakfast, we go to Ivano-Frankivsk  
The exciting tour for fans of wonderful clean air, thermal baths and unforgettable impressions! Marvelous places to see and so much to do! The famous ski resort Pylypets is located near the charming natural attractions: the Shypit Waterfall and the Borzhava Valley. Mukachevo Castle is one of the most valuable historical and military-architectural monuments of Zakarpattia of the ХІV-ХVІІ centuries. The castle is located on a mountain of volcanic origin with a height of 68 m and an area of ​​13 930 m. The exact date of the castle is unknown, but it is already mentioned in documents dating back to the XI century.
Do not miss a chance to learn about Ukrainian craft - Pottery. Guests will be provided with: guided service during the entire tour program; accommodation in hotels; gerving of breakfast - every morning, and also some lunch and dinner. There is also going to be a bit of tours around Kosiv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Yaremche and Kolomyia. There is a unique opportunity to part of making Kosiv ceramics. All taxes are included in this package.
Climb the highest peak of the Carpathian Mountains Hoverla to feel an incredible admiration and enjoy breathtaking beauty of the Carpathian Mountains and be a part of amazing mysterious nature! Nearly every Ukrainian has a dream of conquering this mountain. It is the highest mountain peak and entire Ukraine can be viewed from it. It is the most popular touristic place in the country for those who love climbing peaks. When the weather is shiny and nice, it is filled with tourists, though the mountain is climbed in any season and any weather. The height of Hoverla is 2061 meters. The mountain itself is located in among Ivano-Frankivsk and Zakarpattia regions and 17 km from the border of Romania. Regardless of the legend, the name Hoverla originates from the Romanian language meaning “stiff rising”, however, in Hungarian it means “a snow mountain”. In fact, there is snow all the year round, even during summer. It is mostly covered with Alpine tundra and shrubs. At the foot of the mountain, there is one of the Prut River sources. According to the legend, in ancient times, there were two people in love – Prut and Hoverla, and the father of the girl Hoverla, an old dreadful molfar (a person with purported magical abilities in Hutsul culture), found out about it. Since he was against it, he turned his daughter into a huge mountain. When Prut learned what happened to his lover, he cried. So since then, the Prut River starts flowing from the slopes of Hoverla. Climbing Hoverla is quite comfortable as there is mainly plain ground. The beauty from the peak that can be seen is indescribable. You can only see it and feel it on your own. It is no wonder that Hoverla is such a major attraction for tourists. Every year, thousands of people conquer the summit. The most appropriate time for climbing is the beginning of May and the end of September. Other times, there are can be higher risks, so only experienced alpinists are allowed to climb. Since Hoverla is located around the restricted area, you will need a specific pass card from the administration of the Reserve ahead of time. Tourists must follow the rules: no fire, no garbage, no camping, no picking berries, herbs or mushrooms. There are several routes for climbing Hoverla. It all depends on the level of your physical fitness. However, regardless of the type of route, you do need good physical conditioning as you will be walking up for many kilometers. At the 1 500 meters height, you may lack oxygen. Generally, in a good weather, it takes 3 hours to climb the peak. Hoverla keeps the love for Ukraine in your heart forever. The clearest air, spring water and wonderful nature are available in any season. You do not need any specific skills or equipment.
9 days/8 nights Verkhovyna is considered to be the center of Hutsulian culture. It is the land rich in different legends, natural and architectural monuments. Verkhovyna is a city of picturesque mountain landscapes, blooming valleys, endless mountain valleys and forests. It is located at the altitude of 620 meters above sea level on the banks of the River Chornyi Cheremosh. Kosiv has been considered to be the heart of Hutsuliya for ages. This city and its suburbs are famous for unique nature, incredible traditions and customs of local people. There is a unique in Europe State Institute of Applied and Decorative Arts with over a hundred-year history. Famous Kosiv craftsmen, descents of the world-known families of Korpaniuk, Shkribliak and Druchkov are instructors in this Institute. Yaremche is the most famous climatic resort in the Precarpathian region, the travel centre of Ivano-Franlivsk area and Hutsulshchyna. It is situated among the picturesque mountains at the altitude of 550-585 meters above sea level on the banks of the River Prut. Dil Mountain Valley.  For ages forests and mountain valleys have been giving main work for local people in the Carpathians.  Dil Mountain Valley is also called “landlord’s valley”. Climbing it would not take too much time and effort. You will see the breathtaking landscapes of the Carpathian Mountains, take part in a master class of making the Hutsulian foods, like cheese, budz (smoked Hutsul cheese), vurda (combined cow’s and sheep’s milk cheese), brynza (sheep’s milk cheese), butter. Seasonal prevalence on the valleys is from May to October.  Optional Trip: Horse-riding trip. The Hutsulian horse is a breed of domestic horses living only in the Carpathian mountain area on the territory of Ukraine. Riding the Hutsulian horse to not only see the incredible landscapes of Carpathians, but also to visit fascinating places and pick the Carpathian herbs and berries.
Ivano-Frankivsk – Starunia – Bukovel – Pniv – Yaremche – Ivano- Frankivsk A mud volcano Starunia is a unique geological natural monument, the only active mud volcano in the Carpathian region. Mud volcanoes are a rarity in this region, only two of them are known – Starunia volcano in Ukraine and Berkivskyi in Romania. There are only a few such places in Europe. Apart from the mentioned ones, there are well-known mud volcano in Sicily and northern foothills of the Apennines in Italy, on the Kerch Peninsula in Ukraine. Pniv Castle was built in the second half of the XVI century by the Kuropatovs, Polish feudalists. It played a very important role of a put-post during the Polish-Turkish Wars of the XVII century. It is one of the strongest citadels of Ivano-Frankivsk region and at its time, the most solid castle in Ukraine. Bukhtivets and Krapelkovyi waterfalls are the waterfalls of Ukrainian Carpathians that are situated in the mountain massif of Gorgana. The height of the Bukhtivets waterfall is around 8 meters, and width is 1-2 meters. This waterfall consists of one cascade. Yaremche is a town, situated in the very heart of Carpathians, on the territory of Carpathian National Natural Park and a Biosphere Reserve. A well-known Yaremche market, steep waters of Prut River that flows into the waterfall Probiy, and an open-air cage household, where the only thing dividing wildlife and the human life is a metallic net of the fence.
It is an excellent trip for corporate retreat of the whole team. Recreation in the Carpathian Mountains is exciting! Day 1. Meeting tourists. Moving to the mountain town of Yaremche. ·   Walking around Yaremche - Yaremche waterfall "Probiy" on the Prut river, over which you will pass a 20-meter high bridge to the market of Hutsul souvenirs, where you can see the true works of art of Hutsul masters. Excursion to the restaurant-museum “Hutsulshchyna”, built without a single nail completely out of wood. The Church of St. John the Merciful, the bell tower, as well as the wooden church - the best example of Hutsul folk architecture. ·   Lunch ·   Incredible walks on powerful off-road cars in mountainous terrain. You will be delighted with the lush beauty that opens up to adventure seekers. Mountain ridges and peaks, like on the palm of your hand, reveal the beauty of even the most remote grasslands and paths. ·   Accommodation at the hotel. Dinner. ·   Bathing in tubs (tanks) - the best spa treatment in the Carpathians, which, as they say, has a rejuvenating effect. Carpathian Tanks - huge cast iron boilers filled with water and warmed by a fire to the temperature of 40-45 degrees. ·      Overnight at the hotel. Day 2 ·      Breakfast. ·      Departure from the hotel. ·   Transfer to Ivano-Frankivsk city. INCLUSIONS: ·         accommodation in the hotel ·         meals according to the program ·         bathing in the Carpathian Tanks. ·         Transportation according to the program EXCLUSIONS: ·         personal expenses ·         jeep rides
The mountainous town Verkhovyna is one of the most beautiful places in the Carpathians among the magnificence of mountain peaks, lush valleys, fleeting rivers and hills. Day 1 Meeting tourists. ·         Transfer to Verkhovyna - named the "Hutsul capital", and used to be called Zhabie, located on the Black Cheremosh River. There is a legend that the first settler in the valley of Black Cheremosh was Zhabka, after which the former Zhabie got its name ·         Visiting the Museum of Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors, in which Serhii Parajanov lived during filming his best film "The Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors". The film tells about the life of the Hutsuls, so for the best conveyance of the atmosphere, the director lived with the real Hutsul family. · Visiting the museum "Khata-staja" - Hutsul's old hut-museum. Participation in th e process of preparing cheese "budz" from sheep's milk - a traditional Hutsul dish. ·         Lunch. ·         Accommodation at the hotel. Day 2 ·         Breakfast. ·          Departure from the hotel. ·         Moving to the mountainous picturesque town of Yaremche. The resort town, located above the swift river Prut, among the picturesque mountains, and the neighboring village of Dora, which is called the door to the Carpathians. We will look at the unique wooden church of St. Michael. The main local attraction is the Probiy, a picturesque corner of nature with a cascade of waterfalls. There is a souvenir market, where you can buy amazing artworks of local craftsmen. ·         Accommodation at the hotel.  Optional: Swimming in the Carpathian Tanks Sauna on the wood. Hutsul fun. To fully appreciate the Hutsuls, their customs, and cuisine we invite you to visit the Hutsul fun. During the fun you may expect: - Hutsul cuisine: soup of white mushrooms, banosh with cheese, tea from fragrant curative Carpathian herbs; - master classes on Hutsul dances: hutsulka, hopak, holub; - Hutsul singers, kolomyikas, songs about the Carpathians; - and dancing, dancing, dancing to the Hutsul music. Day 3. Breakfast. Departure from the hotel. Transfer to Ivano-Frankivsk city. INCLUSIONS: ·         hotel accommodation ·         food according to the program of the tour ·         transportation according to the program ·         excursion service ·         insurance
Two- days excursion to the waterfall  "Maiden tears". In Yaremche is the waterfall "Maiden tears" - a unique travertine waterfall, the basis of which is moss, which grew hundreds of years, died, stones and caused the emergence of subsequent generations of the same moss.  Very cozy Carpathian waterfall based in Yaremche. Low, but full of colorful water. Are you having a holiday in  Yaremche or nearby? Make sure you will visit a Waterfall Maiden Tears waterfall, three hours in the silent woodland and mountain-isn’t happiness? Usually, Carpathians lakes, streams and falls associated with sad stories and legends. Yes, some of them were made from tears of the Highlanders to protect the loved ones from the death- the lakes, waterfalls, and rivers were the only way to stop bad people, blocking the way to entire villages. Other ones represent a symbol of grief for a people whom death still managed to take away. As for “Waterfall Maiden Tears”, you can guess the reason for the name of it. Come and listen to his songs and you may find a secret? Waterfall located on the river called Shonka in the fabulous location. Around is a beech forest that is gradually crawling on the Carpathian steep cliffs, also moss stones, it looks like something holding from the fall into the abyss very tight woven roots of trees, how is that sound? Not a big difference of natural harmony! You will have: Meeting of tourists with a representative of the company «Aven - Tour» Comfortable transfer Ukrainian traditional lunch Photoshoot Excursion to the waterfall "Maiden tears" Accommodation in the Hotel The price includes: Pick-up from Ivano-Frankivsk Escort of company̕s representative Transfer in either direction Lunch Accommodation in the Hotel