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The true decoration of the mighty Carpathian mountains is its numerous picturesque waterfalls. The mad power of water is fascinating and impressive. Mysteries of the mountain hide so many in their forests! To see these waterfalls come people from all the complications, as well as a trip to one of these places of nature, which is a wonderful addition to each trip to the Carpathians.

Waterfalls of the Carpathians cannot be broken, look for the best or the most beautiful. Each of them is special in its own way, charming and unique.




You can visit:

  • Shypit waterfall
  • Maiden Tears waterfall
  • Zhenetskyi Huk
  • Kaplynets waterfall
  • Probiy
  • Trufanetsʹ
  • Dzembronsʹki waterfall
  • Maniava waterfall


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One- day excursion to the waterfall "Shypit" and t the famous Synevyr Lake.  You can taste Ukrainian traditional food, enjoy the beautiful view of the Carpathians, explore Ukrainian culture. Departure from Ivano-Frankivsk at 9:00.  Our first station is the village of Pylypets. There we have an excursion to Shypit Waterfall  - one of the most gorgeous waterfalls to be found in the scenic Zakarpattia region. This 14-meter high waterfall got its name from the Ukrainian word “whisper”, because the sound of fast falling water, similar to a murmur, is heard far from the falls.  Even being located in an isolated place, the waterfall has become a famed attraction that tourists from Europe and Asia tend to visit every year. We will arrange a lunch in the best Ukrainian traditions! You will taste our best dishes. The next station is Synevir Glade. You can visit Synevur Lake. This lake has many horror legends and here were shot famous Ukrainian horror films.  You will have: Meeting of tourists with a representative of the company «Aven - Tour» Comfortable transfer Ukrainian traditional lunch Photoshoot Excursion to the waterfall "Shypit" Excursion to the Synevyr Lake The price includes: Pick-up from Ivano-Frankivsk Escort of company̕s representative Transfer in either direction Lunch The trip lasts 8-9 hours
From EUR 55
5-Days excursions in the Carpathian Mountains. You have a wonderful opportunity to enjoy your vacation in the Carpathians and see the local waterfalls. You will see incredible views, taste the most delicious cuisine - Ukrainian!    Day 1 Departure from Ivano-Frankivsk at 9:00.   At first, we are going to Maniava - a small village in Bogorodchany district. Today the village is known for the most prominent place - the Manyava Skete of the 16th century, whose founder is the monk Yob Knyaginitsky, who comes from Athos. 380 meters from the monastery there is a Blessed stone with a healing spring, and above it is Maniava waterfall (the height of the fall of the water is 16 meters, the highest waterfall Gorgan).  A trip to Yaremche - a well-known tourist center. An excursion to the waterfall Maiden Tears.  The waterfall "Maiden tears" - a unique travertine waterfall, the basis of which is moss, which grew hundreds of years, died, stones and caused the emergence of subsequent generations of the same moss. Lunch  Free time Dinner Overnight in the hotel Day 2 Breakfast A trip to the waterfalls  Probiy and Kaplyvets. The waterfall Probiy is one of the few Carpathian waterfalls, to which it is not necessary to go far: it is located in the heart of the city of Yaremche. The waterfall Kaplyvets is not well-known among tourists. Cascade Waterfall The Chapel is located on the Pyshnyi flow - the right tributary of the Prut.  But it is proposed for a thin "voice" - an important talent received! Water in it quietly streams, crossing the rock massif of fly-type. Lunch Free time Dinner Overnight in the hotel Day 3 Breakfast Free time A trip to the village Tatariv. Visit the waterfall Zhenetskyi Huk. The height of the waterfall Zhenetskyi Huk is 15 meters (49 ft). Local residents named the waterfall Huk because of the noise that is heard from him. Lunch Free time.  Dinner Overnight in the hotel Day 4 Breakfast Free time A trip to the village Dzembronya. Visiting the Dzembronsky waterfalls. The waterfalls take their origin from the Dzembron river. The cascade of waterfalls formed here thousands of years ago as a result of shrinking rocks. Lunch in the village Free time A farewell party. We will arrange a traditional Ukrainian dinner. You could  taste our best tradition dishes. Overnigth in the hotel  Day 5 Breakfast Free time Departure to Ivano-Frankivsk at 12:00.   An optional excursion of the city Ivano-Frankivsk The price includes: Pick-up from Ivano-Frankivsk Escort of company̕s representative Transfer  Meal (FB)
From EUR 375