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Waterfall Kaplyvets is not well-known among tourists. Maybe because someone is looking for an impressive height, or foamy stormy stream, and Kaplyvets has no. But his charming "voice" does not match with any Carpathian waterfall!
Cascade Waterfall The Chapel is located on the Pyshnyi flow - the right tributary of the Prut.  But it is proposed for a thin "voice" - an important talent received! Water in it quietly stream, crossing the rock massif of fly-type. If you have never seen beauty in a stone - look!

How to get:
The waterfall is 5 km from the railway station Mykulychyn. Follow the Prut Stream along Liberty Street, staying on the right bank of the river. A little more than an hour on foot, and the cities will warp sharply to the left, you should go further into the settlement, staying closer to the river, and the houses to dive into the forest. From the bridge to the waterfall some 500 meters. The village over the river is a path - do not get lost, but keep, in any case, coordinates:

48°26'01.5"N 24°35'40.1"E; 48.433745, 24.594462