Vodospad Trufanetsʹ - ukraine-travel

The Trufanets´ waterfall is the highest one in Zakarpattya. It can be found in the Rakhiv district, not far from the Yasinia – Rakhiv road, and 2-3 kms from the Drahobrat fork. The stream springs from 1720 ms. Its height is 36 meters. A lookout was built for the visitors in order to delight in the waterfall. There's no tourist infrastructure nearby, not even a parking, but there's a bridge for viewers.

This is one of the few large waterfalls, for the inspection of which so far do not charge a fee. Above the waterfall for the convenience of tourists is equipped with a beautiful wooden gazebo in Hutsul style. The waterfall is surrounded by forest, so in the summer you have a cool and cool shade.