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Bus transfers to and from the airport, 10-night accommodations BB, A special hands-on craft workshop with a local Ukrainian artisan, An evening performance of traditional Ukrainian Folkloric Music, A walking tour through the provincial village of Verkhovyna, Traditional dinner in the home of a local Ukrainian family, Panoramic tour of the city of Yaremche, including shopping in the local market. A visit to the village of Vorokhta Visit the city of Kosiv for a walking  Watching a demonstration by professional artisans on Pysanka painting. Craftours luggage tag and special gifts. guided service during the entire tour program; There is also going to be a bit of tours around Kosiv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Yaremche and Kolomyia. There is a unique opportunity to part of making Kosiv ceramics. All taxes are included in this package.
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Winter hiking in the Carpathians  is a magical experience, with the snow crunching under your snowshoes, the ice crystals sparkling in the winter sun, the cold and pure air brushing against your cheeks and views stretching right out across the impressive Carpathians mountain landscape.  Hoverla and Petros are especially charming in winter.  Winter hike in the Carpathians is suitable for people with normal physical training. All you need is the right clothes and shoes, a balanced diet with a thermos of hot tea, and a guide that will show safe paths. We are ready to take responsibility for these!  
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Aventour invite you to partisipate at winter fairytale in Dragobrat. Dragobrat is the highest ski resort in Ukraine. It has almost six month of natural snow cover in the year.  Dragobrat is the main attraction for freeriders from all over the country.  Picturesque landscapes, real snow lands, wild nature and snowy forests. Dragobrat is considered to be the highest ski base in Ukraine. The resort is located at an altitude of 1400 meters above sea level at the foot of the Stig Mount (1704 m). Here you find everything needed for happiness: a ski school for beginners, suitable slopes for freeriding - up to 20 tracks of different difficulty levels, well-developed infrastructure and wonderful Carpathian landscapes! The atmosphere of riding in Dragobrat may bring you back to childhood in your memories.
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For those who are looking for excellent service,  great slopes and plenty of snow -  Aventour suggests the largest ski resort in Eastern Europe  - Bukovel. The resort is located almost on the ridge-lines of the Carpathian Mountains at elevation of 900 m (3,000 ft) above the sea level near the village of Polianytsia, West  Ukraine.   BUKOVEL SKI RESORT: FACTS SNAPSHOT     Slopes: averaging 900 m to 1370 m height     Number of lifts: Bukovel currently has 16 ski lifts with roughly 50 km (31 mi) of pistes.  13 four-seat chairlifts (lifts 1R, 2R, 5, 7, 8, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 22),1 three-seat chairlift (lift 3), 1 two-seat chairlift (lift 2),1 T-bar lift (lift 6). Besides, there are several surface lifts for beginners (rope tows and magic carpet)     Total length: 63 km     Service quality: high     Accessibility: easy     Season: snow available November to April, slopes are usually groomed and there are snow-making machines Night skiing is available from 4:30 to 7:30 p.m. Bukovel is growing rapidly, and new equipment and runs are being added each year. Ski runs There are 61 pistes sections of which 12 are Blue (beginners), 41 Red (intermediates) and 8 are Black (experts). The longest piste is 5K at 2,625 m (8,612 ft). There are 11×4-person chair lifts, 1×3-person chair lift, 1×2-person chair lift and 1×T-bar. The top elevation is on Mount Dovha at 1,372 meters and the base elevation is 900 meters above sea level, for a total vertical drop of 472 meters. There are five distinct mountains in the area: Bukovel – 3,698 ft (1,127 m) Chorna Kleva – 4,088 ft (1,246 m) Babyn Pohar – 3,870 ft (1,180 m) Dovha – 4,501 ft (1,372 m) Bulchinokha – 3,770 ft (1,150 m) On the other side of mount Babyn Pohar is a nature preserve "Gorgany". Bukovel's ski season depends on climatic factors and is usually around the beginning of December to mid-April.  
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If you are looking for Vorokhta Ski Resort travel, Aventour has you covered.  Vorokhta is picturesque little town, an amazing tourist center, which combines silence and tranquility. It has excellent conditions for sports and recreation. In this small village, there are ski jumps and rope-chair roads, mineral water springs. The longest stone bridge in Europe, one of the oldest wooden churches in the Carpathians is situated here. Walk around Vorokhta. Free time for skiing and sledding. Even for those who are uncertain about skiing, it will be an interesting trip on the chair cable car near the 100-meter ski jumps. In Vorokhta there are two of the six Ukrainian viaducts,both have more than 100 years and more than 100 meters in length. Vorokhta used to be the center of training Ukrainian athletes for jumping from the hill, biathlon, and ski races. Trails in Vorokhta: 1 trail on the Pushkar Mountain - 500 m long, average complexity. Types of lifts Vorokhta: For lovers of skiing, there are several lifts. Near the base “Avant-guard” - a 300-meter lift and a chair 2-kilometer one. On the hill Makivka is a 250-meter high lift. During the winter season, two more 100-meter lifts are installed. There are 5 high-quality springboards, two of which have an artificial Finnish finish, one - with ceramic.
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Bukovel is the largest ski resort in Eastern Europe situated in western Ukraine. The resort is located almost on the ridge-lines of the Carpathian Mountains at elevation of 900 m (3,000 ft) above the sea level near the village of Polianytsia. It is one of the most popular ski resorts in the Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains.
5-Days Ukrainian Carpathians Adventure Christmas Tour The Carpathians are special on New Year and Christmas. In this period everything is somehow different: the snow-capped peaks look even higher, and the wine savor in the holiday season. The winter trip to the Carpathians will give you the unforgettable impressions that will emerge in memory each time when you look at hundreds of photos in social networks or after having tasted with scented tea from mountain herbs. Christmas treatments Traditionally, on Christmas Eve, the entire family gathered at the festive table, but there was only one meal on that day - dinner, which was allowed to taste only after the first star appeared. The birth of Christ is preceded by a severe fasting, so the supper at Christmas Eve is a vegetarian, often called “hungry” dinner. On the table there are served varenyky, pyrohy, cakes, pancakes and casseroles with song fillings, as well as fish - only 12 different dishes - by the number of apostles (disciples of Christ). It is customary to go Christmas caroling. This is one of the old customs, according to which young people, singing carols, walk to houses of neighbors and relatives, praising Christ. The main Christmas dishes of our great-grandfathers were: Kutya - porridge based on boiled wheat, barley or rice flavored with poppy seeds, nuts and honey; Uzvar -  dried fruit compote; Baked apples with honey and nuts.   Inclusions Round-trip transportation from the local airport, means door-to-door service Fully escorted 5-days coach tour with English speaking guide 4 nights budget accommodation, rooms with private showers/WC Local taxes 24-hours assistance available  All activities and meals per itinerary Fine Christmas dining at restaurant in Ukrainian style Special concert program
We share your wish to climb the highest peak of Ukrainian Carpathians and of the Ukraine - Hoverla, the height of which is 2061 m above the sea level. But it's worth noting, that despite being technically not a complicated peak, not everyone is strong enough to climb it and someone can give up on the halfway. That's why, before climbing, make sure that you stronf enough, don't have heart diseases, problems with blood pressure and other serious illnesses that may become an obstacle. Also don't take a lot of things with you, just take warm clothes, some food for energy,warm beverages, raincoat, comfortable shoes and that's will be enough, you don't need overweight. Climbing Hoverla is a one-day hike, designed for 6-8 hours of active walking. If the starting point is sports training resort "Zarosliak", then the distance in both directions will be 7-8 km. Are you ready for this challenge? If yes, good luck!
  Ivano-Frankivsk-Vyhoda-Delyatyn-Bukovel-Yaremche-Ivano-Frankivsk We will be traveling around mountain towns and enjoying places of interest and fascinating traditions of this wonderful country – Ukraine. Ivano-Frankivsk - a place that fascinates by its architecture, forged pieces, souvenir shops, where you can purchase unique items of folk craftsmen. But it is one of the most densely populated and long- ago established regions. Vyhoda - the town is located at the foot of the Ukrainian Carpathians, and is the point of departure of the Carpathian Tram. The local world of wildlife is not rich in predators, but a real paradise for the study of medicinal herbs, insects, and birds. Yaremche is a town located in the very heart of the Carpathians, on the territory of the Carpathian National Nature Park and the Biosphere Reserve, where you will get to see the swift waters of the Prut River, flowing into the waterfall “Probiy”, the famous Yaremche fair, we will visit an open-air cage, where the only thing dividing the wildlife from the human world is the metal net of the fence. Bukovel is the most famous ski resort in Ukraine. It is situated at the foot of the Bukovel Mountain at an altitude of 920 meters above sea level. The highest point of the resort - Mount Dovha - 1372 m. You can get lifted by a ski lift and walk around the tops of the Carpathians, ride on a cable car chair and admire the panorama of the mountains. Optional activity: tasting mountain Carpathian honey and purchasing honey and Carpathian healing herbs; Optional activity: bathing in an artificial mountain lake Bukovel.
Nowadays Mice tourism is gaining momentum , that’s why it is important to find qualified qualified operator who can take into account all the nuances of traveling . Why you need to hold a corporate event in the Carpathians with Aventour? We provide wide range of hotels for any taste and budget, so there is no doubt, you will satisfied with your holiday.In addition, in Carpathians is mild mountainious climate and healing nature, that will inspiew you for new achievements. For foodie lovers, there are plenty of restaurants that have dishes of one of the best traditional cuisines of the world. And the last reason, but not the least inCarpathians region that is full with history, сulture and traditions , you will find true rest for your body and soul!
«Along Annychka’s Paths» (Stezhkamy Annychky) Ivano-Frankivsk – Delyatyn – Yaremche - Vorokhta – Verkhovyna -  Ivano-Frankivsk 28/06/18 – 29/06/18 Duration: 2 days/1 night For everyone who does not know anything about a Hutsul girl Annychka, and for those who fell in love with her long ago, we have arranged the trip that will bring you unforgettable impressions. We offer you not just a simple tour, but a real time travel around the places where the genuine feelings and Ukrainian coloring are saved, where you can feel the spirit of Ukrainian Carpathians and learn a Hutsulian magical culture. You will have a chance to take incredible and unique photos on the background of the winter mountains, to meet the molfars and ask about your future match, and of course, to taste the Carpathian cuisine and listen to the triadic musicians at a Hutsul party.
It is an excellent trip for corporate retreat of the whole team. Recreation in the Carpathian Mountains is exciting! Day 1. Meeting tourists. Moving to the mountain town of Yaremche. ·   Walking around Yaremche - Yaremche waterfall "Probiy" on the Prut river, over which you will pass a 20-meter high bridge to the market of Hutsul souvenirs, where you can see the true works of art of Hutsul masters. Excursion to the restaurant-museum “Hutsulshchyna”, built without a single nail completely out of wood. The Church of St. John the Merciful, the bell tower, as well as the wooden church - the best example of Hutsul folk architecture. ·   Lunch ·   Incredible walks on powerful off-road cars in mountainous terrain. You will be delighted with the lush beauty that opens up to adventure seekers. Mountain ridges and peaks, like on the palm of your hand, reveal the beauty of even the most remote grasslands and paths. ·   Accommodation at the hotel. Dinner. ·   Bathing in tubs (tanks) - the best spa treatment in the Carpathians, which, as they say, has a rejuvenating effect. Carpathian Tanks - huge cast iron boilers filled with water and warmed by a fire to the temperature of 40-45 degrees. ·      Overnight at the hotel. Day 2 ·      Breakfast. ·      Departure from the hotel. ·   Transfer to Ivano-Frankivsk city. INCLUSIONS: ·         accommodation in the hotel ·         meals according to the program ·         bathing in the Carpathian Tanks. ·         Transportation according to the program EXCLUSIONS: ·         personal expenses ·         jeep rides
The mountainous town Verkhovyna is one of the most beautiful places in the Carpathians among the magnificence of mountain peaks, lush valleys, fleeting rivers and hills. Day 1 Meeting tourists. ·         Transfer to Verkhovyna - named the "Hutsul capital", and used to be called Zhabie, located on the Black Cheremosh River. There is a legend that the first settler in the valley of Black Cheremosh was Zhabka, after which the former Zhabie got its name ·         Visiting the Museum of Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors, in which Serhii Parajanov lived during filming his best film "The Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors". The film tells about the life of the Hutsuls, so for the best conveyance of the atmosphere, the director lived with the real Hutsul family. · Visiting the museum "Khata-staja" - Hutsul's old hut-museum. Participation in th e process of preparing cheese "budz" from sheep's milk - a traditional Hutsul dish. ·         Lunch. ·         Accommodation at the hotel. Day 2 ·         Breakfast. ·          Departure from the hotel. ·         Moving to the mountainous picturesque town of Yaremche. The resort town, located above the swift river Prut, among the picturesque mountains, and the neighboring village of Dora, which is called the door to the Carpathians. We will look at the unique wooden church of St. Michael. The main local attraction is the Probiy, a picturesque corner of nature with a cascade of waterfalls. There is a souvenir market, where you can buy amazing artworks of local craftsmen. ·         Accommodation at the hotel.  Optional: Swimming in the Carpathian Tanks Sauna on the wood. Hutsul fun. To fully appreciate the Hutsuls, their customs, and cuisine we invite you to visit the Hutsul fun. During the fun you may expect: - Hutsul cuisine: soup of white mushrooms, banosh with cheese, tea from fragrant curative Carpathian herbs; - master classes on Hutsul dances: hutsulka, hopak, holub; - Hutsul singers, kolomyikas, songs about the Carpathians; - and dancing, dancing, dancing to the Hutsul music. Day 3. Breakfast. Departure from the hotel. Transfer to Ivano-Frankivsk city. INCLUSIONS: ·         hotel accommodation ·         food according to the program of the tour ·         transportation according to the program ·         excursion service ·         insurance